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Come swim and learn more about how your dog can live a healthier lifestyle!

Training with Trish includes diet and nutritional counseling, weight management, cross training for competitive, show and working dogs and most importantly swimming!

Swimming is our favorite choice of exercise as it is ideal for dogs for a number of reasons.

The warm water, non-impact exercise is perfect for senior citizen;, those who have weakness from arthritis, surgery or illness and overweight dogs. At the same time the 80-82 degree water allows extended cardiovascular training for the athletes and the large breeds without the overheating experienced on land. (We are in San Diego California)

We are in the water guiding your dog until he is comfortable. We use lifejackets as well as a number of other techinques to make sure the experience is a positive one. We not only support but encourage owner participation during the session. Our pools are large enough to allow lap swimming, fetching and plenty of room for partnering up with a swim buddy for extra motivation.



Many dogs have little/no motivation when swimming using their hind legs very little. Dogs are much more motivated when they have a purpose to their swim. We utilize different motivational techniques specific to each dog. The dogs respond well to the owner calling them or when fetching a toy (they have FUN!) Most dogs swim stronger when they have a swim partner; a little extra motivation to get to that toy before the other swimmer gets to it!

Owner Trish Penick has been working with dogs in the water for over 16 years; She is considered an expert in the field.


Reasons why swimming is ideal:

  • Swimming is the safest way to exercise; especially for high energy dogs with the extra "crazy gene"
  • Is non-weight bearing; allowing a painfree workout which promotes muscle regeneration and improved function
  • Reduces canine obesity thus decreasing the risk of other health related problems
  • The cool water temperature allows extended cardio-training without overheating
  • Reduces post exercise soreness
  • Provides excellent cross training for competitive, working and show dogs



Whether you have a dog with weakness from an injury, an older dog with arthritis, have had surgery or illness we will cater the workout for your dogs specific needs.


  Introduction to the Water

Most dogs do not know how to swim. If they have no purpose or focus it can be a frantic experience. Throwing them in the water can be dangerous; dogs CAN easily drown. We are in the water with your dog providing hands-on instruction to both you and your dog. We want this first experienceto be positive for everyone! It usually only takes about ten minutes for dogs to become comfortable with the swim experience.



  Pool Safety Training

Important if you own a pool! We will teach your dog how to find the stairs (they need to know where they can exit safely) and that the side of the pool is not a way out. An attempt to climb out on the side can result in panic and possible injury. This training will increase your dogs confidence in the water and in general! This is especaily important in our city of San Diego as we have so many homes with pools. BACK YARD DROWNINGS ARE A PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY. Please help us spread the word. It usually takes only one session to teach a dog to be safe.


  Swimming Lessons for all Ages

It is best to introduce your dog to the water around 4- 6 months of age. We provide a hands-on protocol that will allow your pet to become comfortable in the water , enjoy their swim and provide them with valuable cardio training. Young dogs usually do not have the fear that older dogs have which makes it ideal but we can teach any age. The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is definitely not true! Swimming is an ideal exercise for our senior citizens with worn out joints and they adapt very quickly!


  High Level Cardio Workout Plans

20-30 minutes swimming = a long run (extended cardio without the overheating experienced with running on land---promotes a strong, healthy heart and good overall fitness)

A set number of 10 sprints (creates power and strength--- good cross training for working dogs and competitors

Stairs, hills, plyometrics and core work (advanced training)

Stretching, warm up and cool down





  Nutritional Counseling

How nutritious is the food you are feeding your dog? Read the labels!

How much do you feed them a day? Most suggested serving sizes are double what is necessary!!!  Two feedings are much better than one a day.

What types of dog treats do you give them? Many dog treats are like candy bars---empty calories and full of fat!!!

***Many dog foods have a large % of fillers and little/no nutritional value. Note that most of the "low calorie" foods for weight reduction fall into this category. Please ask to discuss.

You can significantly extend your dogs life expectancy by giving them the exercise (and proper nutrition) they need!