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About Our Programs and Services

We offer some of the most comprehensive canine exercise and rehab programs in the country.  Review the details below to learn more about how they can vastly improve your dog's health post-surgery, post-injury or for general health and well being.



"Training with Trish", Personal Training for dogs includes diet and nutritional counseling, weight management, cross training for sports, show and working dogs; instruction in massage, stretching and individualized exercise programs. Since swimming is such an ideal form of exercise it is a major component of our program. We have two pool sites to accomodate all of San Diego county. Our pools are maintained at a comfortable 80-82 degrees year round.

Backyard pool drownings are a preventable tragedy. We can help "pool- proof" your dog.

Program Overview:
  • Introduction to the Water
  • Pool Safety Training
  • Swimming Lessons for all Ages



"Getting appropriate treatment after injury speeds the healing process, restores function and improves performance."
Cutting Edge K9 Rehab offers complete rehab services onsite at local Vet offices and Veterinary specialty hospitals.


Program Overview:
  • Modalities: Electric Stimulation, Ultrasound and Massage
  • Underwater Treadmill
  • Home Exercise Programs